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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, officially referred to as third molars, are usually the last teeth to develop.

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Dental Implants

Usually when you lose a tooth, it is best for your oral health to have it replaced.

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Sedation Dentistry

Our office offers our patients the option of intravenous sedation, also referred to as “twilight sedation" or "sleep” or "sedation dentistry" for their dental treatment.

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Oral Surgery,  Missoula,  MT


Missoula Oral Surgery

As a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Grant M. Wiswell, D.D.S., M.D., manages a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth, and face. Dr. Wiswell was trained at the University of Michigan in full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery. His training has included two years of general surgery and many months of anesthesia. Dr. Wiswell focuses on dental implant surgery and all forms of dentoalveolar surgery (including wisdom tooth removal, canine exposures, pre-prosthetic surgery, etc.). He also specializes in minimally invasive techniques designed to rebuild jawbone structure in preparation for dental implants. His digital office is equipped with a low-radiation conebeam CT scanner, which is used for many purposes including computer-guided implant surgery.

Dr. Wiswell is a firm believer that oral surgery doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience.  At Missoula Oral Surgery we pride ourselves in excellent sedation during your procedure. Whether you are looking for a general anesthetic or just want us to “take the edge off,” we are here to reduce anxiety in a safe and comfortable way. Rest assured, our goal is to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care and to exceed your expectations. Welcome to Missoula Oral Surgery.